Friday, 7 September 2012

At Long Last, A Sexy Accountant!

Accountants have not been treated well by Hollywood.  (I don't need to perpetuate the stereotype here.  Even non-accountants know what I'm talking about.)  So, it was good to see that the Toronto International Film Festival has a film about an accountant on a sexual adventure.  Here's the summary (with thanks to the Globe and Mail):

Jonas Chernick plays Jordan Abrams, a sexually inept accountant/dweeb from Winnipeg who, after getting the heave-ho from his long-time girlfriend (Sarah Manninen), flies to Toronto where he eventually meets Julia (Emily Hampshire), a stripper/lap dancer with a heart of gold, a mountain of debt and culinary ambitions.

Er . . . never mind.


Sandy said...

Unfortunately, the media doesn't realize how sexy accountants really are. After all, I work in the business and have met plenty of other accountants who are passionate after hours.

Unknown said...

Hi Sandy,

Well said! You might be interested in my discussion of the burning question: Do Accountants Make Better Lovers? here: