Friday, 25 July 2008

Brag Bag Now Open!

Chris Brogan, a social media expert, just tweeted about a great concept called the Brag Bag. Every Friday Becky McCray, who runs SmallBizSurvival blog, posts an article encouraging people to add a comment about something they're proud of. Some people talk about personal accomplishments. Some people brag about what friends or co-workers have done. Others just leave a high-5 to the other people who left their comments. The result is an energetic, positive tribute to the human spirit.

Hmm, maybe Becky should consider opening the bag on Monday mornings, when we could all use a little lift.

Accounting is an area with many unsung heros, people who go that extra mile for others, but who often don't get any public recognition, so let's do the same thing. If you have overcome an obstacle, tackled something new or would like to recognize someone else who has, please add a comment to this article and tell the world!
[Edit - Correction per Chris Brogan.]


Chris Brogan said...

Slight correction: Becky McCray who runs SmallBizSurvival is the creator of the Brag Bag. I just tweeted it. :)

Becky McCray said...

Either way, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Hope to see you drop in again soon.